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We are Stories & The City, the team bringing you immersive, urban, augmented reality (AR) tours, straight to your smartphone. Think Pokémon Go, meets Strava, with your favourite podcast thrown in.

We combine deep tech, content design, hyperlocal stories, and music for experiences that take you off the beaten track. We are building an app that lets you point scan and experience the layers of history and culture London has to offer.

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About us

Who are we?

We are a tech start-up interested in accessible, immersive story-telling. The accessible bit is really important to us.

We have over 10 years of experience in digital media production with a skill set that includes UX design, user research, content design, film, photography and social media. 





Stories & The City is a cultural tourism start up

City tours using your smartphone & AR.

Virtual content into the real world.

AR & storytelling to encourage human connection.

Combining AR, content design, hyperlocal stories & music.

Experiences that take you off the beaten track.

Uncovering layers of history & culture.

What’s the story?

Have you ever walked around your city and wondered about the story behind a statue or asked yourself who this cobbled street was named after and why?

Hyperlocal guides

Have you wanted to get up close and personal with an area from the experience of someone hyperlocal; their soundtrack to the city?

Soundtrack to the city

Go to the exact spot that inspired your favourite song and let the artist explain their process.


Let’s work together

We want to work with you to deliver amazing experiences.

Reinvigorate your archives

We provide creative and innovative ways to use archival information, catalogues, untold stories and histories.

Drive footfall to your business

Our exciting experiences can help drive footfall to your business.

Connect with new audiences

We bring together tech, immersion, culture and mapping.

Boutique data services

Access anonymised data to provide key data on how people use the city.

Accessible and inclusive

User-friendly for a range of needs. SATC is an inclusive-by-default business.

Branded experiences

Exciting, innovative experiences; hosted by us, branded by you.

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About us

We combine deep tech, content design, hyperlocal stories and music for experiences that take you off the beaten track.


Augmented Reality



International House, 142 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4EF