Stories & the city

Urban, augmented reality (AR) tours. Think Pokemon Go, for tourism.

Have you ever walked around your city and wandered about the story behind a statue or asked yourself who this cobbled street was named after and why?

We bring you stories from the city straight into the palm of your hands, all while helping you up your step-count.

Point, scan and get the info you need
We plan to give you tours, soundbites, and gorgeous media content on the diverse subcultures that London holds in abundance.

In fact, we are building an app that lets you point, scan and get the info you need to uncover the layers of history that London holds.

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About us

We combine deep tech, content design, hyperlocal stories and music for experiences that take you off the beaten track.


Augmented Reality




International House, 142 Cromwell Road, London, SW7 4EF